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North Somerset Support Group Meeting Thursday 12th June 7 - 9 pm St Barnabas Children's Centre, Portishead, BS20 6LN.

Jenny Maxwell North Somerset Vulnerable Learners Service - Educational Psychologist and lead for Autistic Spectrum Enhanced provision team will be coming along to talk about

  • The new Social Communication and Autism Multi-professional Pathway (SCAMP)
  • How ipads can help develop social communication skills the changes to the ASD/SocialCommunication Assessment process, 

Jenny will provide us with information and team updates about support for pupils with ASD in N.Somerset and looking at use of i pads in learning for pupils with ASD/SEN.

In addition Jenny is hoping to feedback highlights of the Michelle Garcia Winner 'Social Thinking' 3 day Bristol event, for further information about this see link:



South Glos Parents and Carers are supporting the Clinical Commissioning Group South Gloucestershire in capturing Parents and Carers feedback re the children community health services 

Children's health services are being re-commissioned from 2016, so who delivers the care, how many therapists and where they are located is all up for review. South Glos Parents and Carers need to hear your experiences and your views on what you think about the kinds of health related services your children need to access from your health visitor to CAMHS, community learning disability, community therapies, community paediatricians, and your school nurse.

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for the engagement events being held:

  1. 6th June 10am - 12pm Baileys Court Activity Centre Bradley Stoke
  2. 10th June 12.30 pm - 2.30pm Emerson’s Green Village Hall
  3. 11th June 6.30pm - 8.30pm Willow Hall, Ridgeway Community Centre, Yate

Thank you

We welcomed Ruth to South Glos support group last night to discuss what we need from the new role of independent supporter - loads of input and lots for us to think about. Thank you to all of you who came. (The Independent Support Programme is a government funded initiative to support parents and young people requesting education health and care (EHC) plan assessments for the first time, for those transferring at annual review from statements to plans, and for those young people moving on from school to college who would otherwise have had a learning difficulty assessment.)


South Glos Support Group is Tuesday 20 May at 7.30-9pm, at Brimsham Green School BS37 7LP

South Glos Support Group is on Tuesday 20 May at 7.30pm, at Brimsham Green School BS37 7LP talking about Independent Supporters


North Somerset Support Group 13th May The Firs Drove Road WSM BS23 3N

It's North Somerset support group tonight @ The Firs Drove Road WSM BS23 3NX and Maggie Dickinson, Senior Lead for Anti- Bullying, North Somerset will be joining us. Hope you can make it