Providing information, advice and support to parents, children and young people about SEND since 1989

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How we help

We listen to parents concerns

Very often discussing a problem with another parent who understands is helpful. Our Information and Support Line is run by parents of children with SEND who are extremely experienced and knowledgeable.

We help parents find appropriate information

We have a wide range of local and national information on educational policy and procedures.

We can put parents in touch with professionals or voluntary organisations who can help them.

We help parents prepare for meetings with the school or Local Authority

For example this could be, identifying what the purpose of the meeting is, what happens next and what parent and professionals want to achieve in the meeting – see our Checklist – How to make meetings work for you and your child.

We help parents decide what questions to ask

Understanding who does what, who makes what decision, what happens next. Explain how children’s needs are assessed and appropriate provision made, using The Code of Practice.

We help parents with their contribution about their child’s needs

This could be for Individual Education Plans, Interim or Annual Review of statement, Transition Review for child with statement, or a parental contribution for a statutory assessment.

We help parents with paperwork and preparation for meetings

We can help parents with statutory assessment , parental contributions, tribunal paperwork etc. We do not accept or hold reports or paperwork from professionals, although parents may choose to share these, they are for them to retain. Our Confidentiality Policy requires that we do not identify or discuss parents and their children with professionals or other concerned individuals.

Parents should contact us directly as we can not accept referrals from other individuals, professionals or voluntary organisations.

Our primary focus is education but inevitably parents who contact us may also be experiencing social and health problems. In these situations we can signpost parents to other organisations who can help them.