Clarity from the UT on appeals involving young people and EHC Plans

The Upper Tribunal has issued its decision in the case of Buckinghamshire County Council v SJ [2016] UKUT 254 (AAC), which deals with important issues for young people with SEN and their families. IPSEA supported the parents both in the First Tier Tribunal and in the Upper Tribunal, after the Local Authority appealed against the First Tier Tribunal’s decision ordering an EHC plan to be issued for the young person. The decision is a very positive one for young people as it confirms the wide category of those who might need an EHC plan, and firmly rejects the suggestion (being made increasingly frequently by Local Authorities) that it is only those who are seeking to study and gain further qualifications who would qualify for such a plan.

The full decision can be found here.

The case was also linked with another case Hillingdon LBC v WW [2016] UKUT 253 (AAC) and we have written an article with the Solicitors who were involved in that case, which can be found here.


Catch up with Lauren Smith at Weston Bay

BBC news clip of Lauren Smith at Weston Bay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pgfXIZZtwA&feature=youtu.be


The UK’s largest support service for under 25s launches as 'The Mix'

YouthNet and Get Connected have merged to become The Mix. The new youth organisation will offer a range of support services with a focus on mental wellbeing and creating opportunities through volunteering. Click on the link below to find out more.


A teen's guide to Autism


Autism in education

Watch this really interesting video by 17 year old Lauren Smith, who was disagnosed with Autism in 2012. The video is based on her personal experiences of school and aims to give people an insight into the challenges that young people with Autism, face in education.