Our Staff

All of our SENDIAS staff are independently trained to give you accurate, useful, relevant information and advice about special educational needs/disabilities. They’ll use their knowledge and experience to support you in making decisions about educational issues and concerns.

We have three teams of staff. They specialise in working in the Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire areas respectively. Each team is led by a ‘Local Area Co-ordinator’, supported by a number of ‘Information Advice and Support Workers’. You may meet our Co-ordinators and other team members at our regular parent support groups, workshops, evening surgeries or parent courses. Our staff respond to your calls to our Information, Advice & Support (IAS) line or your emails.

Whether you live in Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire, any of our Information, Advice and Support workers can help you. Although you may build up a relationship with a particular staff member, we can’t guarantee that you will always be able to speak to the same person.

Meet the Team:

Head of Service (Acting):
Kathryn Mason


Our Bristol Team

Team Lead: Kathryn Mason
Local Co-ordinator (Acting): Jo Daglish

Children & Young People’s Co-ordinator: Kirsty Cottier

Information, Advice and Support Workers: Kate Hale, Nadine Etter, Davina Evans, Eve Cox, Edurne Urzelai


Our North Somerset Team
Local Co-ordinator: Sarah Trevitt
Information, Advice and Support Worker: Helen Matthews


Our South Gloucestershire Team
Local Co-ordinator: Santie Human
Information, Advice and Support Worker: Sara Maggs


Other staff 
Information, Advice & Support Line Link Worker: Kirsty Armitage
Information & Communications Co-ordinator: Frances Mallender
Office & Finance Manager: Carolyne Ablitt
Administrator: Jodie Thame